Why graphics are vital in Legal Marketing

Humans process visual information 600 times faster than text — just let that sink in. Visuals matter.

In the courtroom, you have likely seen graphics employed to aid in the overall persuasive efforts — and maybe you have even used a graphic in order to make a case yourself. In fact, it has been proven that utilizing graphics in the courtroom makes an argument 43% more persuasive than one devoid of graphics. While it may seem like common sense, the use of a good visual element can aid in your marketing efforts as well.

Studies on the impact of graphic design in marketing have shown that individuals remember 65% of visual content three days later and only remember 10% of written content within the same timeframe. Clearly, graphics matter in and out of the courtroom—and, surprisingly, there are multiple parallels between the impact graphics have in these two areas.


  1. Graphics make what was once complex, simple. 

In the context of a courtroom, a graphic can be used to simplify or visualize a complicated testimony. Whether a complex incident or a simple misunderstanding, graphics can help jurors visualize your case.

In the marketing realm, graphics do just the same. Graphics are a wonderful tool to simplify your branding, messages and convey your offerings in a way that visually entices consumers. Graphics in marketing can range from posts on social media to larger out-of-home advertisements plastered on billboards. One thing must be clear: a simple message. You should be able to convey your core message and services to consumers within a few words or a simple call-to-action—much like you may plead with a jury to take your side of the argument after making your case.

At the end of the day, the use of graphics in marketing helps set you apart from competitors. By utilizing graphics, consumers have an increased likelihood of remembering your service over other written communications. Simply put, your graphics should inspire the audience to action and educate them on your service or offerings.


  1. Graphics impact every part of your cause. 

The consumer journey process is a tool used by many marketers—from initial awareness to purchase decision, consumption, review, and retention. This all starts with raising awareness of your overall brand through powerful imagery and then using your content to foster engagement and two-way communication. Ideally, this will lead a new consumer to actively consider and then ideally utilize your service. This is where a relationship building component enters in order to retain the consumer. Incorporating graphics for various marketing efforts can aid your messages by creating a visually appealing and enticing element.

A similar process happens in a courtroom with visual aids. Using visuals in the courtroom can assist in breaking down barriers and evoking emotion through motion practice, settlement discussions, any mediation hearings, and focus groups. As previously mentioned, humans are able to process and recall visuals better than information that may be written or communicated. Incorporating visuals into the courtroom can aid your cause by giving your key decision makers something to hold on to, and may ultimately sway them in your favor.


  1. Graphics help create understanding. 

Notably, using visual elements in the courtroom can help all parties (jury, opposing counsel, and mediators) better understand your position and case. One thing is clear: visuals in the courtroom can help foster a common understanding of your position.

In the ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT), consumers are being flooded with new information everywhere they look and in every app they open. Creating an understanding of your brand or business quickly is vital to business growth and overall marketing success. Studies have shown that the average attention span of an adult today is 8 seconds, so making a great first impression is crucial if you want to create an understanding of your core services and facilitate customer retention.


  1. Graphics establish (and reinforce) you as an expert. 

Within the walls of a courtroom, using graphics in your argument can assist in establishing yourself, as the attorney, as an “expert” on the subject matter or incident.

Point blank: you are an expert in what you do, be it personal injury law, criminal law, environmental law, family law, or other areas of business. Why not showcase your expertise in this area to target consumers?

With America’s free market only growing in competition, establishing yourself as the expert in your market niche can be daunting. You must first settle on how you will differentiate yourself from any competition within your market and then tie in brand elements to your advantage.

Unlike certain courtroom graphics that depend on the judge deciding if a graphic is admissible, using graphics on social media has no barriers to admission, increasing emphasis on the copy and visual aspects of marketing efforts. You only have one image and a few words to convey a clear message in all marketing efforts, from digital to print—how will you convey yours?

You are an expert in your niche. At Noy Media Group, we offer expertise in all aspects of marketing, from out-of-home to print and digital advertising. Keep your niche focused on your clients, and let us focus on your marketing efforts. Our team is ready to partner with you, build out visual assets, get your brand on a billboard, and help you create marketing to stay ahead of the competition. Are you ready to create #NoyJoy? Contact us today.