What Does Noy media Group bring to the table?

We want to tell your unique story. Interpersonal communication is the backbone of our marketing strategy. We believe that in order to stand out, you need to first and foremost develop an authentic connection that resonates with your audience.

We provide a fresh approach to integrated marketing that brings your vision to life.

We are Creators.

This agency is our whole life. We love what we do and we want to enjoy it. We wake up and kick ass everyday for our clients.

Culture is everything. We invest in our team and the success we are able to achieve together.

The Light Bulb Moment

“The moment of sudden enlightenment and inspiration.” You always remember forming meaningful connections with your clients. The moment when you discover that “missing piece”. The moment when you see your business doing what you never thought it could. The moment when everything works in fluid motion to accomplish your goals. Our team wants to be a part of your Light Bulb Moment.

Meet our Amazing Team

Rachel Elzey


Hello world! I am Rachel Elzey, President of Noy Media Group. I am from Atlanta and still call the city home today. I have a bachelor’s in communication and bring over 12 years of business experience to the team. My focus is to oversee personnel, clientele, project management, and business development. I love blending creative with data driven strategy. The big picture matters so taking a holistic approach to evaluate the organization and its pillars is vital, in delivering an optimized and sustainable strategy. My passions are food, wine, travel, communication, and yoga. I like to stay inspired by the little details in life that pass most people by.

“Know your audience or know nothing at all.”–RE

Katie St. Hilaire

Director of Digital Marketing

I’m Katie, the Director of Digital Marketing here at Noy Media Group. I grew up in Atlanta and still call the city home! I have a bachelor’s in business from Xavier University and bring over 12 years of marketing and advertising experience to the Noy team. Whether its paid social, google ads or SEO optimization, I geek out on all things digital. My motto is simple: if they can’t find you, they can’t buy you. So, I’m here to make sure you are seen! When I am not in the office, you can find me practicing yoga, taking photographs around the city or sipping champagne on an outdoor patio.

Niki Pham

Content Marketing Manager

Hi! I’m Niki, Noy Media Group’s Content Marketing Manager. I have a bachelor’s degree in Communication with a concentration in Integrated Media from Columbus State University. I handle all things creative. My area of expertise for Noy is the UX experience, graphic design, and post production. My goal is to make sure your brand is not only consistent and professional, but SCREAMS YOU. When I’m not at work, you can find me working out, hitting up local eateries, investing in skin and hair products, or creating content for my YouTube channel. Yes, to creating all the content!

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