Google Ads

Targeted ads to turn your investment into profit

Google Ads experts who know how to target keywords that draw prospective buyers to your site so that you get a constant ROI on your ad spend.

An effective way to reduce cost per lead!

We don’t aimlessly run a campaign! Instead, we thoroughly plan with you and understand the needs of your business before designing an ad. Once we both agree on the deliverables, we commence on finding, then running ads on highly specific and niche-focused keywords that will attract the audience with a high probability to buy your product/services. This’s precisely the most cost-effective approach to obtaining leads/customers.

Our Distinguish Process

Lower cost per lead

With the help of advanced and most powerful tools, we design the campaigns with only ONE aim, i.e., to acquire lead/sales at an allotted cost. Though most times, we beat controls because of our ability to kick ass.

Detail Reporting

Since we are professional marketers, our emphasis is to talk – not with words, but with data and results. We routinely come to you with detailed analysis and ad performance.

What is involved in our Process?

Campaign Research

We peek inside your competitors’ ad campaigns. This gives us insights into their bids, CPC rates, total expenditure, and landing pages.

Ad Copy + Graphic Design

Using our experience and knowledge, we write copy, tweak it and make different variations and also make multiple designs that fit in the context. Over the years we’ve had outstanding success.


Complete management of your campaigns will be in our hands. Hence, we will be responsible for every outcome. We make you happy.